Vacation Summer – Newport, RI

I can’t believe it’s officially fall! Although the weather is feeling a little more like summer this week and I’m okay with it. I enjoy the fall weather, but I am NOT looking forward to winter, so a few more warmer days are welcome here! The change in seasons is making me reflect on our summer though. We had a pretty great summer and took three different vacations! We stayed fairly local, but it was nice to get away nonetheless. We used Homeaway to research, find, and book all our vacation homes. I find it very easy to use and between doing our own research and reading other people’s reviews it has never steered us wrong on a home yet! Homeaway is not affiliated with this post at all I just truly love the service!

Today I wanted to share about our first vacation with you! Early in the summer we went to Newport, RI with just the three of us. We stayed in a little cottage technically in Middletown, but it was walking distance from Newport and the beach (“walking distance” was a big theme for us this summer as not having to pack Hunter in the car is always a plus for him and us!). The cottage was 2 bedrooms with a small kitchen/living room and one bathroom. It had a gorgeous deck and big backyard, which Hunter loved running around in.

We stayed for a week and had a very relaxing time. Gorgeous weather, which allowed for a walk on the beach looking for sea glass every day. Most days we also went swimming in the ocean (Hunter thought the waves were hilarious!) and played in the sand. Sam and I discovered how excited we are to have an excuse to build sand castles now that we have a child. One day we also did the Cliff Walk where we walked the paths along the cliffs overlooking the water on one side and several of the Newport mansions on the other.

We also had a day of shopping in Newport (of course!) and a day where we visited the Save the Bay aquarium located right at the beach. Hunter loves all animals and had a lot of fun seeing all the fish and other sea creatures.

That same day we also took Hunter on his first carousel ride! Even though Hunter was sitting with me he was pretty skeptical. We have since taken him on a few more rides and he is still not a fan. Guess we will stick with playgrounds for now!

We did have a 48 hour period where we laid low because Hunter had a little fever due to what we assume was a small vaccine reaction. But overall we had a great vacation and really enjoyed our stay. Would definitely recommend for a low key family vacation with small children!