The Language of Motherhood

Recently Hunter and I walked down to the small playground in our neighborhood. This was during the week, so Sam was at work and I was on my own. Hunter loves the playground, but he is a bit of a daredevil. At 14 months old, he steps off play structures without noticing, flies down slides, and is constantly on the move. When Sam is there one person can be helping him up while the other person helps him come down, or we can each guard an opening on a play structure, etc (Sam also is the photographer, so these particular pictures are from a different day. Picture taking when I am by myself would be impossible!). On my own I am either climbing up with him or sprinting from one section to another. It is fun watching him explore and be so independent, but phew it is exhausting keeping him safe.

This particular day there was one other mother with an older toddler at the playground. The woman gave us a warm smile when we arrived. Hunter loves “big kids” so he immediately climbed up the stairs to where this little girl was standing and I climbed up behind him. After playing at the top of the playground structure he decided he wanted to go down the slide. I was going to put him on his belly as I have found that to be the safest and slowest way for him to go down by himself and give me time to sprint down to the bottom. But without asking the other mother helped sit him down on the slide and guided him down where I met him at the bottom. Hunter loved this and immediately ran back up the stairs so he could do it again. This repeated several more times.  I heard her speaking a different language with her daughter and when I thanked her and tried to chat that this woman I realized she spoke no English. It really struck me that the language of motherhood is truly universal. No words needed to be exchanged because we understood each other and what was needed in that moment. This touched me and I wanted to share it here too!