Wow! Life has definitely taken over for the past several months! Let’s do a quick recap shall we?

Last time we left you I was pregnant with our sweet little boy (who is almost 10 months old now!). I have to say pregnancy agreed with me…up until 39 weeks. My family suffered a devastating tragedy when I was 39 weeks pregnant and my body seemed to only be able to process one thing at a time. So I, like many very pregnant women, was pretty uncomfortable those last few weeks. I eventually was induced when I was 41 + 1 weeks pregnant and delivered a healthy baby boy.

World meet Hunter!

This little guy has been such a light in our lives and we have fallen utterly in love. Certainly there are challenges to being parents (Sleep? I’m not familiar with this word…) and a lot of big changes that come with it, but we are really enjoying being a family of three! I hope to introduce Hunter even more in his own post in the near future, but he has had a great first 10 months and we are in the works of planning his first birthday party! This year flew by!

I did go back to work part-time after 12 weeks, but leaving Hunter was tough on me, so a few months ago Sam and I discussed it and agreed that it was the right time for me to take some time off. I am currently a full-time stay-at-home mom. And I love it. I am keeping my nursing/nurse practitioner licenses active, but at this time I am just enjoying the day-to-day of being a wife and mother.

That’s what we have been up to in a very small nutshell. We are still here! I hope to expand on some of these topics and more soon!