Two Week Honeymoon Itinerary in Hawaii – Part 3

Full day break downs – Part 3

Day 8 – Monday- Kauai

After landing in Kauai and grabbing our rental car, we checked into out hotel Kauai Beach Resort . In Kauai we decided to stay in one hotel and use this as our home base instead of bouncing around from place to place. The hotel we chose had a lot of nice amenities including multiple pools, a hot tub, and a fire pit. The first night we arrived we grabbed dinner and read a book around the fire pit to relax.

Day 9 – Tuesday- Kauai

Day 9 was all about exploring the island and what better way to do that from above! We started our first full day in Kauai with a birds-eye view from the sky on a helicopter tour. We used Mauna Loa Helicopters and couldn’t have been happier. When we arrived at the tour location there were many large commercial helicopter tours that were cramming multiple families into one helicopter. Since Mauna Loa Helicopter’s is much smaller it ended up being just Jen and me in the helicopter. This was great and we even were able to fly with the doors off, something that was not possible on the larger tours.

Standing in front of our helicopter


View from the sky


For the rest of the day we just we just hung out on the beach and relaxed.

Day 10 – Wednesday- Kauai

On day 10 we went on a kayak tour with Rainbow Kayak Tours . The tour lasts about 4 to 5 hours.  On the tour you kayak up river to a spot in the jungle where you dock on land. From there you hike a mile or so to a hidden waterfall in the jungle. There we were able to have lunch and swim in the pool that formed at the base of the waterfall. It was so much fun! After hanging out at the waterfall for a while we made the trek back. We did not bring our camera because we were thinking “hey, electronics and water do not play well together”. However, it turns out they provide you a waterproof bag for the provided lunch that you can also use to bring a camera if you choose.

Our particular tour day was super wet and muddy. It turns out the island has received some of the heaviest rain the few days before than it had in a long time. This meant that our hike was extremely muddy and slippery which I found to add a lot of excitement to the hike. The mud was so deep that it was up to our waist in certain spots. This is no exaggeration!  Jen and I had purchased water shoes for this kayaking trip, and I am thankful we did as they came in handy.

After our kayaking tour we were physically exhausted and decided the best way to relax was with a couples massage. We used Kauai Couples Massage. The massage was absolutely amazing. The massage takes place on a beach under a canopy and you get to fall into a complete state of relaxation while listening to the ocean waves. It was a great way to unwind from kayaking.

Day 11 – Thursday- Kauai

On day 11 we went on a chocolate tour. Jen is obsessed with chocolate! We booked a tour with Garden Island Chocolate. On the tour we were able to see the cacao growing directly on the trees.

Garden Island Chocolate cacao

During the tour we learned all about cacao and the chocolate growing and manufacturing process. We were also able to try the insides of the cacao as well as other fresh fruit growing on the property like lemons, oranges, and lychee. The end of the tour is the best part (and probably the main reason anyone goes on a chocolate tour): we were able to try all sorts of local freshly made chocolate! The chocolate was very good with a variety of nutty, sweet, and fruity flavors. Needless to say, we left the tour feeling pretty stuffed.

For the second part of our day we had planned a dinner cruise on a sunset sail.  For our cruise we went with Capt Andy’s.  The sailboat was quite large and we were joined by many couples.  As we started our adventure Jen and I sneaked our way up to the top deck to hang out with the captain. I chatted him up for a little bit, and insisted he let me drive. He caved under the pressure of Jen and we drove the boat. I jest, he really just offered to let us drive so I took him up on the offer. What a nice guy!
Capt Andys Dinner Sunset Sail


At this point I was feeling pretty good. I had the breakfast of champions, you know, some intensely dark 90% chocolate from our chocolate tour. I have the sun beating down on me, an alcoholic drink in hand, and I am looking over the ocean as the wind is blowing across my face.  Eventually we make our way down to the lower level of the boat and start mingling with the other couples.

We are enjoying the ride awaiting dinner and it hits me. Eating nothing but chocolate and jumping onto a boat rocking in the waves was probably not the best of ideas for my stomach. In retrospect it should have been obvious, but I was in honeymoon phase. I was invincible. At least that is what I kept telling myself as I tried to fight off the impending sea sickness. Long story short I lost. One should never think they can take on the ocean and win. I ended up feeling so sick that I was not able to enjoy my dinner. I had ordered a nice steak dinner and I was looking forward to it so much. The staff was nice enough to pack my dinner up so that I could take it home with me (I eventually was able to enjoy it later that night).  So there I am thinking it can’t get any worse. I can’t stomach dinner now, but oh well I can enjoy it later.  Eventually mother nature decided this was not enough torture for me and I ended up with my head over the rail and was forced to share my breakfast with the fishes (Sorry no pictures). At this point I am feeling pretty defeated and pretty much spend the rest of the trip with my head down. I peek up briefly to find Jen taking the following picture:

Capt Andy's Dinner Sunset Sail

Even in my pain the sight was pretty beautiful. I would definitely do it again, but this time I might try a better breakfast. Eventually the tour ends and we make our way back to our hotel room. In an effort to hold on to any sliver of dignity I finished my dinner.

Wrap up

The remainder of the trip was really about getting back to the airport and flying home, and due to a delayed flight (and unfortunately missing Pearl Harbor as I mentioned in the intro post) there really was not much more excitement, so I won’t bore you.

And that was our romantic, adventurous, and amazing honeymoon in Hawaii! If anyone has any questions about a particular aspect of our trip feel free to leave a comment.