Two week Honeymoon Itinerary in Hawaii – Part 1

Full day break downs-Part 1

Day 1 – Monday – Oʻahu

After checking into the hotel, we walked down to beach

2014-06-10 09.28.59

And then to dinner  at Hau Tree Lanai Restaurant where we got to eat under a nice tree alongside the beach during sunset.

2014-06-09 17.33.37

After dinner we went back to our room and went to bed. We wanted an early start the next day and after a long plane ride we were pretty wiped out at this point.

Day 2 – Tuesday- Oʻahu

Excited to start our first full day in Hawaii! After breakfast, we went straight to the zoo (a zoo is one of our favorite places to visit while on vacation!). Here is just a couple of my favorite pictures from the zoo.

The Flamingo Squad:
Honolulu Zoo

“Photobomber” AKA Sherman:

Content Lemur:
Lemur a Honolulu Zoo

Wrestling Tortoises:
Tortoises at Honolulu Zoo

Prison Break:
Tortoises at Honolulu Zoo

After the zoo we went to the airport and caught our plane to Maui. The plane had really nice juiceboxes!

Once we landed in Maui we picked up our rental car and checked into our hotel. We stayed at the Aston Maui Hill. On arrival we found champagne and chocolates waiting for us!  From the balcony of our room we relaxed and watched the sunset.
Sunset in Maui

Day 3 – Wednesday- Maui

On our first full day in Maui we headed into the town of Lahaina as we just wanted to explore. We saw the Banyan court park which has a beautiful banyan tree. As of 2015, this is the oldest and largest banyan tree in Hawaii (also in the United States). You kind of have to see it to appreciate the full beauty,  but the snippet you are seeing below is actually one tree, even though many people look at this huge tree and think it is many trees joined with limbs that have grown together.
 Banyan tree in Lahaina

After gawking at the tree for a while, we explored the street market that was going on under the tree and then took a break for a Hawaiian shave ice. Hawaiian shave ice is very popular throughout the island, and we enjoyed it a few places throughout Hawaii.

We took it pretty easy for the rest of the day, while we waited in anticipation for the luau we were attending that evening. We booked a reservation at the Old Lahaina Luau which ended up being an amazing experience with delicious food and exciting entertainment. Note: If you book at Old Lahaina Luau I recommend getting front row floor seating vs sitting further back at a table. It is totally worth if it you don’t mind sitting on the floor.

When we arrived at the Luau, there were a ton of people. Jen and I like to be early wherever we go, so we waited around for a little while. If you are not familiar with a luau, you are basically buying tickets to a dinner and a show. The food and drinks are limitless. As soon as they opened the gates, we were immediately handed a lei (a real one!) and some delicious drinks.  Jen and I quickly found our table where we sat to enjoy our drinks for a bit.

Here are Jen and I saying cheers to just being hitched (Can’t forget we just got married!).Old Lahaina Luau - Lava Flow

Here is me getting my drink on and showing off my wedding ring (don’t judge me!)IMG_0596

With a few drinks in us we explored the scenery. There were people showing off the Hawaiian culture and a few photographers taking photos in various locations. Jen and I took a few because of the beautiful sunset happening behind us.
Sunset in Hawaii

After mingling for a bit, it was time for them to reveal the pig that had been cooking in the ground ALL DAY! Unfortunately I do not have any good pictures of the pig roast, as another guest became injured at this time and my wife had to run off to play nurse (She’s pretty amazing when it comes to saving lives! Everyone was okay!).

Once the food was ready, we grabbed our plates! I had to grab a little of everything as it all looked so delicious.Food at old Lahaina Luau

Followed by dessert:
Dessert at Old Lahaina Luau

While eating, the show began, but the show really gets going after everyone has settled down after eating. Here are some shots from the show:Old Lahaina Luau
Old Lahaina Luau
Old Lahaina Luau

I didn’t go crazy with the photos of the show, but rather just tried to enjoy it. The experience was a great way to settle down and relax for one evening.

Day 4 – Thursday – Maui

On the next day, the main event we had planned was to go horse back riding at Mendes Ranch. When we arrived at Mendes Ranch we hung out in the barn for a while as guests continued to arrive. They had lunch and refreshments and we played with the barn cats that were roaming around.

Once the tour was ready to go, we were brought out to where the horses were kept. Each person was assigned a different horse based on his or her level of experience.
Mendes Ranch

Since I had never been on a horse before they gave me Star. She and I instantly bonded and it was magical! Ok I joke a little, they gave me Star because she was  older. This means she would go at a slower pace. She also knew exactly where to go, so I didn’t have to lead her around. I appreciated this greatly as I have to admit I was very nervous. By the end of the ride I fell in love with her a little.

Taking pictures along the way was not an easy task, but the tour does stop along the way at different points so everyone can take photos. The scenery here is absolutely gorgeous. You ride along the ocean and just experience beautiful view after beautiful view. It was so relaxing to be up high on the horse, enjoying the ocean view with the sun beating down on you, while you’re cooled by the ocean breeze.  I enjoyed it when we could stop to take some photos. The pause was really worth it, so we could stop and take it all in.

Mendes Ranch

Day 5 – Thursday – Maui

Saturday morning at 2:00 am we awoke bright and early to see the sunrise over Haleakala crater. The drive up there took a little while, but the view was worth it. My pictures will not do it justice. Tip: Bring a jacket it gets cold up there!

Haleakala Crater Sunrise

After the sunrise we went to get some breakfast and morning coffee. We checked out Grandma’s Coffee House. We had some tasty coffee and chatted with the owners’ parents for a while. They were super friendly and the drinks and food were awesome. They even let me try a coffee bean from their tree. This was a great way to jump start the rest of  our day. We mentioned that we had a few hours to kill before our next activity so they recommended we check out the local winery. So at 10:00 am we were off to the winery to do some wine tasting.

After wine tasting we headed to Ziplining.  We went with Skyline Eco Adventure. The staff was awesome and the tour was great. The trail you hike is very nice, the staff shared their local knowledge as we walked between the zip lines, and the zip lines themselves were a lot of fun. There is a big drop at the last one!

Skyline Eco Adventures Haleakala

Check back for part 2 where we finished up our first part of the trip in Maui and took the awesome road to Hana (one of both of our favorite experiences on the trip!) and then we’ll complete our trip with part 3 in Kauai!