Two Week Honeymoon Itinerary in Hawaii – Overview

So this blog post is way overdue. My wife and I got married almost two years ago and chose to go to Hawaii for our honeymoon. We spent a lot of time planning the trip and it was one of the most memorable trips we have ever had, so I wanted to share our experience.  We generally planned one thing to do each day (some days were travel), but then we left ourselves plenty of time to explore and do our own thing. I recommend you do the same.

I will say this now, we intended to see Pearl Harbor at the end of our trip, but due to a delayed inter-island flight we missed this, so you will not find it on our itinerary. If you want to visit Pearl Harbor, I recommend doing it earlier and on a non-travel day.  In retrospect, this should have been obvious to us.

This post is broken into 4 parts

Our finial itinerary ended up looking something like this:


Day 1 – Monday – Oʻahu

  • Land in Honolulu airport.
  • Grab a nice dinner and relax – You have a big trip ahead of you. This was mostly a travel day for us.

Day 2 – Tuesday – Oʻahu/Maui

  • A day at the zoo.
  • Fly to Maui.

Day 3 – Wednesday – Maui

  • Explore the town of Lahaina.
  • Attend a Luau.

Day 4 – Thursday – Maui

  • Horseback riding at Mendes Ranch.

Day 5 – Friday – Maui

  • Get up early and see the sunrise at Haleakala.
  • Get Coffee/early lunch at Grandma’s Coffee house.
  • Zip line in Haleakala.

Day 6 – Saturday – Maui

  • Drive the road to Hana.
  • Stay in a relaxing cottage in Hana.

Day 7 – Sunday – Maui

  • Ohe‘o Gulch.
  • Pipiwai Trail.
  • Stay another night in the cottage.

 Day 8 – Monday – Maui/Kauai

  • Drive the return back from Hana.
  • Fly to Kauai.

Day 9 – Tuesday – Kauai

  • Helicopter tour.
  • Beach.

Day 10 – Wednesday – Kauai

  • Kayaking.
  • Couples Massage.

Day 11 – Thursday– Kauai

  • Chocolate tour.
  • Sunset sail.

 Day 12 – Friday– Kauai/O’ahu

  • Fly back to Honolulu.
  • Relax at Waikiki.

Day 13 – Saturday– Oʻahu

  • Fly home and recover from jet lag before returning to work.

Here it is  plotted on a map with some additional points of interest we were unable to see. We look forward to sharing our experiences, tips, and amazing memories with everyone!