PacaPod Review

I am almost 37 weeks pregnant and finally considered to be in my 9th month of pregnancy! Pregnancy has actually been pretty good to me, but I do feel like I have been pregnant forever and I am anxiously waiting to meet our baby boy. As the final countdown is on, I am trying to cross off my to-do list in preparation for his arrival. One of those things is packing our hospital bags, including a bag for baby in what will eventually be his diaper bag (I know I’m a little late–I think this is usually recommended closer to 35 weeks if not sooner. Luckily baby Hunter has decided not to make an early appearance yet!). And can I just be honest with all of you? I never thought I would be so excited over a diaper bag. But I am! The PacaPod diaper bag is in my opinion the creme-de-la-creme of diaper bags.


I put this on my registry and I was literally laughed at for wanting a $220 diaper bag. Now there are other equally or even more expensive diaper bags out there, but I come from a very practical, no-frills kind of family, so they just saw a “fancy purse” and thought that was weird I wanted to use it as a diaper bag when there are also much less expensive bags. Needless to say I did not receive the bag at my baby shower a few months ago and when I was teased about it I was quick to educate everyone about how much more than just a nice looking bag it is. And people seemed pleasantly surprised about how much this bag actually does for a parent and how it actually does deserve the steeper price tag (and thank goodness I have an amazing husband who “helped” my unborn son buy the bag for me for Mother’s Day). To help other parents-to-be avoid missing out on such a great product I wanted to do a review on this diaper bag to show you what it is all about!

There are several styles of the PacaPod, but the one that I have is the Sequoia in linen (shown above). And my family and friends weren’t completely wrong–it is a great looking bag! I do love the idea that as a new mom I can be both practical and stylish. It has both a shoulder strap and a longer across body strap for whatever is more comfortable to you. It also comes with clips so you can attach it to your stroller.


There is a main top compartment like a purse that I could put my Surface, wallet, or anything else I wanted/needed for an outing, it even has a clip space for my keys! There are also zippered and open pockets on the sides for my phone, or a small toy or pacifier.


But the front zippered section is where I get excited!


There are two pods inside this portion: a changer pod and a feeder pod.


The changer pod is obviously where you would put everything you need for changing–it has a ton of pockets so you everything has a place–diapers, wipe, cream, hand sanitizer, first-aid supplies, etc. It even comes with its own portable changing pad and a wet bag.

IMG_1018 IMG_1025

The feeder pod, in turn, is where you put everything for feeding (love that it’s completely separate from the diaper supplies!) This pod is insulated with an additional insulated bottle holder (bottle not included). Plenty of room for breastmilk or formula, snacks, etc. and pockets for utensils or other supplies you might need for feeding your baby.

IMG_1035 IMG_1043 IMG_1052

Both pods can also come out and be used on their own (and also can be clipped to the stroller individually or the feeder pod even has a backpack type feature) if you don’t want to bring along the whole bag. And everything is very easy to wipe clean!

I hope you can see why I am so excited about it. Right now the bag isn’t fully stocked because I’m using it as baby Hunter’s hospital bag, which doesn’t need much as the hospital will have most supplies. I plan to do another post on packing hospital bags including baby’s, mine, and partner’s…as long as I can get it packed and posted before I go into labor! And then when I am using the bag to its full potential after our little man is born, I will do my best to come back and show you how I’m really using it and if there is any update to how it is “in real life”.