We are alive!

Jumping Hiding

28 1/2 weeks pregnant and almost a full house remodel later we emerge from the dust (oh so much dust…ugh, construction zones!). This will just be a quick post getting the blogging juices flowing again. We have not forgot about this blog, but we almost literally have not sat down long enough to post. And Sam and I talk about it all the time “I want to blog” “Me too!”. However, I will say it has been/will be worth it. Every single room except for the kitchen has been painted and has or will be getting new floors within the next month (and we’re debating just doing the kitchen too…because why not at this point). We also have completely new bathrooms. I will spare you the details, but this was so needed that I almost tear up just thinking about it. I’m sure there will be several blog posts from Sam and/or me about this seeing as the before and after is amazing and we (okay mostly Sam since I’m pregnant, but hey it is not easy living in a house turned upside down while the hormones are just as much out of whack) have put in a lot of work into it. And it makes me so happy that in 11 1/2 (or so) short weeks we will have a new baby BOY that will eventually crawl around on new/clean carpet and there will be no major construction needed to be done after he is born, so we can just enjoy our time together as a new family of three. Sam and I are so in love with our little guy. Doctors say he is growing “perfectly medium” and I really have had little to no issues in this pregnancy (**knock on wood** so far). Can’t wait to meet him face-to-face in June!