Happy New Year!

New Year

Happy 2016!! I love the New Year. I love the motivation and excitement and promises of a fresh start it brings (Sam laughs at my boost of productivity every year, but I feel that even if it only lasts a day it is better than nothing! So far I am going a solid 3 days strong).

This year will also be an exciting year for the Blooming to Booming household as in June we will be bringing a new addition home with us! We announced to our family and friends with our Christmas card (thank you Pinterest for adorable ideas as always) and I am now just about 16 weeks pregnant with our first child! We couldn’t be more thrilled and are very excited to find out whether we are having a boy or girl in just a few more weeks! You can expect pregnancy/baby updates this year as well as lots of big changes to the house, DIY projects, and in general lots of new topics to discuss. We still want to share our Italy trip with everyone too. The blog got put on the back burner a bit during the holidays, but I definitely hope to blog more in the new year!

Hope everyone in the blogosphere had a safe and happy holidays and cheers (with sparkling apple juice for me this year) to a wonderful 2016!