Christmas is Coming!

“Christmas is coming”–a phrase my mother used (and still uses at times) while I was growing up when my siblings or I would mention we wanted or needed something. She literally would start using this phrase on December 26th if need be!

Sam (and readers) may not appreciate this post in October, but Christmas is coming sooner than you think, and I, for one, have already started my planning! I’m a huge fan of the House & Holidays Plan over at, which helps you to clean your house and plan for a stress free and meaningful holiday actually starting back in the last week of August/first week of September! I was very busy with Italy planning and then our actual trip during September, so I’m starting a bit late on my planning this year, but I’m catching up quickly.

Christmas Planner

Currently I have my Christmas planner ready and I’m starting to plan out gift ideas and Christmas cards! Right now I’m just using a very basic binder and one of the free House & Holidays Plan printables, but someday I hope to make a really crafty/cute Christmas planner (so many adorable Christmas planners out there–you only have to spend a minute on Pinterest to see what I’m talking about!). It’s extra important this year that I get organized early because I’m planning HOPING on doing some DIY gifts for people too. I know Sam would love to see me break out my sewing machine he got me last year again, as would I. I miss my crafts and what a better excuse to do some than to turn them into gifts for others! If I am successful I’m sure to post them here as well.

Don’t fret all you “anti-Christmas music until December” people (my sister does NOT miss the days I used to drive her to high school with Christmas music playing as soon as it is on the radio, which now is like early November practically) I haven’t forgotten about Halloween or Thanksgiving. My house is getting decorated for fall first, well before the Christmas decorations start. We get probably 200 or so trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood, so there is no way I can just pass this holiday by! Although I embarrassingly do feel more prepared for Christmas than I do Halloween. I have no idea what I’m going to dress up as! I work at a pediatric office, so Halloween costumes are a must!

Any ideas for a cute kid-friendly Halloween costume? Have you started planning for Christmas too? Have a crafty Christmas planner? Leave me a comment and share!