Posts Written OnOctober 2015

Christmas is Coming!

“Christmas is coming”–a phrase my mother used (and still uses at times) while I was growing up when my siblings or I would mention we wanted or needed something. She literally would start using this phrase on December 26th if need be! Sam (and readers) may not appreciate this post in October, but Christmas is coming sooner than you think, and I, for one, have already started my planning! I’m a huge fan of the House & Holidays Plan over at, which helps you to clean your house and plan for a stress free and meaningful holiday actually starting back in…

Buongiorno a Tutti!

We’re back! We’ve been MIA on BloomingtoBooming because Sam and I took a two week trip to Italy! We traveled from Rome to Florence to the Cinque Terre to Venice and finally to Milan with some quick stops to other towns in between. All while living out of our backpacks and walking or taking public transportation everywhere! In short, it was an amazing trip. Beautiful sites, delicious food, and wonderful culture and experiences. Sam and I can’t wait to share our experiences with everyone over the next few weeks (with lots of pictures)!