Jess Lively-Blog and Podcast

I recently came across a new blog (well new to me, but she has had this blog since 2006) and podcast that I’m kind of obsessed with: Jess Lively.

Jess Lively

I’ve only just started delving into her blog and what she’s all about, but already I find her a super down to Earth woman with a great message about values-based intentions and really appreciating all aspects of life using this approach. I have this weird habit/love of finding blogs that I connect with and then starting from the beginning of their blog and working my way forward. So that’s where I am with that. I’ve already listened to some of her podcasts on blogging, business, motherhood, plant-based eating, and fashion! And her blog is full of awesome decor, design, fashion, and life tips and experiences.

I originally found her podcast, The Lively Show, which then linked me to her blog. I’m actually new to the podcast world, which apparently to those who do listen to podcasts is insane that I have only discovered them now. I was introduced to them by Sam’s cousin, Eric (shout out to his personal blog: Q’s Basement, which features his very own podcast Beyond the Cape! Beyond the Cape dives into the world of superhero movies and the often humorous discussions between guys that ensues), and then I went on a mission to find some that interested me. I’m pretty sure I found Jess Lively by Googling “podcasts for women” (oh so clever…) as I wanted a podcast that discussed things like relationships, style, food, and motherhood, among other topics. Jess Lively happened to be on a list of great podcasts for women, and sure enough it was a perfect match for what I was looking for! I now listen to the podcasts while I jog (which also happens to be a great motivator to actually put on my running shoes and exercise! Trying to train for a 5K in November!) and visit the blog frequently to catch up on her many years of posting! Ironically, a few months ago she did a podcast interviewing and chatting with my cousin, Alisa Vitti, and called it a must listen for all women! Proud cugina, here!

I can’t wait to explore Jess’s blog and podcasts more! If you’re a fellow fan, feel free to share some of your favorite posts and episodes in the comments. Also if you an experienced traveler of the podcast world I would love to hear about some of your favorite podcasts, too!