Weekend in the Catskills

Recently we decided it was time to get away from reality for a couple of days! Memorial Day was coming up, so we were totally game for taking advantage of the three day weekend. We Googled “best weekend trips from Boston” and researched (okay mostly Jen did the research) our options and decided on the Catskills in New York. This ended up being about a four-hour drive from Boston.

We wanted to take advantage of the entire weekend, so we left late after work on Friday and made our way to the Roxbury Inn Motel–our relaxing home away from home for the weekend. It is not often we get excited about lodging, but the hotel itself is really its own experience. When we arrived at 11:00 PM we were welcomed by an exciting view:

Roxbury Inn Motel - Catskills

The Roxbury Motel

And then another exciting find when we got to the room:

Roxbury Inn Motel Samantha's Cloud Room Roxbury Inn Motel Samantha's Cloud Room

We had chosen Samantha’s Cloud Room (from Bewitched!) and as you can tell it was completely painted and decorated with clouds all over it (which lead to a weekend full of super corny jokes about the missing ceiling–courtesy of Sam). According to the Roxbury Inn’s website the painting was done by a previous guest (how cool!). There are many other themed rooms there too such as The Jetsons, I Dream of Genie, Flinstones, Wizard of Oz, and more!

We went right to bed, but Saturday morning we got to fully appreciate the room and all the little touches the staff at the Inn left for us, including information about the area, bottles of spring water, and the SOFTEST robes ever laid out for us. We seriously came so close to buying one for each of us for home, but we really don’t hang around in robes at home, so our head (and our wallets) decided it wasn’t worth it. Jen still thinks about them though!

Saturday Steps

One of the reasons why we chose the Catskills is because we wanted somewhere close to some nice, peaceful trail walks. And that is exactly what we got! When we are being good about staying active and exercising we like to count our steps using our Fitbits! What a better way to rack up some steps then to go on a nice hike. After breakfast (a yummy assortment of pastries, muffins, cereals, meats/cheeses, etc. provided by the Inn) we borrowed a map of all the local trails from the hotel and made our way to a nearby one that would give us a good workout without being too grueling (I mean the focus of the trip was rest and relaxation!). We chose the Rochester Hollow trail, which ended up being the perfect choice. It ended up being about a 3 mile hike one way up a slight incline. Passed a few historical landmarks on the trail too!

Rochester Hollow Trailhead

Jen at the entrance to Rochester Hollow Trail

John Burroughs Forest on Rochester Hollow Trailhead

Memorial Plaque

Old Ruins on Rochester Hollow Trailhead

Old Ruins

Bird nest on Rochester Hollow Trail

Intact bird’s nest nestled at the edge of the trail.

Sam being silly

After a nice long walk, we went back to the motel and went right into the jacuzzi!
Shimmer Spa South Roxbury Inn Motel - Catskills

The Roxbury Inn motel is broken into two parts called North and South. Each side had its own spa to enjoy so make sure you purchase a spa pass for your stay! After some time in the jacuzzi and sauna, we both lay outside and read a book before dinner.

For dinner we went to “The Public” which was within walking distance of the hotel (literally next door!) Now a month past, we honestly can’t remember what we ate there, but we definitely remember enjoying it (new to the blogosphere–next time we’ll remember to blog closer to the trip or at least jot down some notes for a proper review).

Spa Day Sunday

Couples Massage Roxbury Inn Motel - Catskills
On Sunday we went into full on lazy mode. During planning we figured we might be sore after a day of hiking so had booked a couple’s massage for Sunday. We didn’t end up being that sore since the hike was pretty tame, but any excuse for a massage and to put on those comfy robes is a good one. The spa (which again is on site at the motel) was very clean and tranquil. We both enjoyed our one hour couple’s massage followed by some time in the steam room and plenty of lemon infused ice water to rehydrate. The rest of the evening was enjoyed by jumping between reading our books and taking dips in the jacuzzi.

We drove home early the next morning, so we would have some time to settle in at home before the hustle and bustle of work the rest of the week. Overall a successful trip and one we would highly recommend! If you have any specific questions about the Inn or what we did there, please leave us a comment!